Types Home Loans

Types of home loans

There are many different types of loans available on the market today and is can be difficult to understand the types of loans and packages available to you.

Whether you’re a first home buyer or an experience property investor we can look at the options available to you and your individual circumstances. There can be a number of loan options including:

  • Home loan packages
  • Variable rate
  • Fixed rate
  • Line of Credit
  • Construction
  • Reverse mortgage
  • Credit impaired

A lot of people consider both fixed and variable rate loans when looking for a home loan. If you want to better understand the features and benefits of fixed and variable rate loans click here (add link to fixed versus variable rate loans page).

Select the right type of loan to suit your needs can be daunting, but you don’t have to do it yourself.

Let the experts at AIG Home Loan 1 LLC talk to you about your home loan options and take the confusion out of selecting your loan.

Leave your details, email us at contact@aighomeloans1llc.com or call on +1(832)-975-0222 to take the hassle out of your next loan.